stadt / land / fluss / The name of my company, literally »city / land / river«, is drawn from that of a popular child's play and has molded my program since 1999 doing sightseeing tours from A to Z in a playful way. I show visitors from English- and Italian-speaking countries around in Hamburg and Northern Germany. By profession a lawyer I have my many interests in history, art and architecture my professional activity. My clients are private companies and tourist agencies, both local and international guests. I speak fluent English and Italian. My preferred walks combine topographic, historical and architectural observations. I am interested not only in the buildings and monuments, but also in the street life. From this interest arose a book (presently only in German) filled with reports about traditional as well new stores that have mushroomed from the various neighborhoods over the past few years.
guided sightseeing / My tours can be booked individually and by groups.

group service / I guide groups on tour with their on coach on sightseeing tours in Hamburg with some stops and insight visits at the most interesting sights.

excursions to the hinterland / For many years I guide guests individually or groups on excursions to other Hanseatic towns as well as to earlier residences.

clients / Enterprises of the tourist industry and other companies, inhabitants of Hamburg and international guests belong to my customers. I speak fluently English and Italian.

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Paul Klein | Keplerstr. 14 | 22765 Hamburg
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»Hamburg! That's more than a
heap of stones, roofs, windows, carpets, beds, streets, bridges
and lamps. It's more than
factory chimneys and the hooting
of traffic – more than gulls'
laughter, trams screaming and
the thunder of railways – it's
more than ships' sirens, crashing cranes, curses and dance music
– oh, it's infinitely more.«
Wolfgang Borchert, Hamburg, 1946
Publikation von Paul Klein
Paul Klein (Foto: Carsten Göke)